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About Maria Strachan

About Maria Strachan - A brief resume

Maria was born on 9 May 1952. Her dad was Edward Carty and her mum is Margaret Carty.

She was born in the the area of Uddingston called Knackerty, but moved to a new council house at 12 Cherry Place, View park in Uddingston at the age of......

Maria went to St Columbas Primary School then onto Elmwood Secondary School for Girls.

Maria met Ian Strachan and got engaged on 12/ 19 November 1974. We were married on 12 April 1975 at St Columbas Chapel in Viewpark and settled in Uddingston. Our first daughter Andrea Margaret was born on 19 April 1977. Soon after, we moved to a new Barratt house in Spindlehowe. On 24 October 1979, our second daughter Lucy-Marie arrived. Wee Ian, our first son was born on 14 August 1982, by which time we had moved to Bargeddie. In mid 1985 we adopted Daniel Conaway who at that time was turning 16. On 11 February 1988, Mark Leo McKenzie was born - our fourth child and second son. We still lived in Bargeddie. In 1992 we moved to Silverwells House in Bothwell and at this current time still live there.

This section provides you with our biographical information, links to our past, present and future plans, our resume, photo album and details of the site. It gives an interesting insight to the experiences that Maria & Ian have been through; to our hobbies; our interests; our campaigning for the rights of poor people and disadvantaged people that we met and lived with. The site gives a graphic account of how we built up one of Scotlands few private care homes for people with mental health problems, together with its subsequent closure and the reasons behind it. It also gives a background to Silverwells House and the work that we undertook to renovate it then open as a hotel and restaurant as well as a family home.

Greater depth and information can also be gained by using some of the links to related sites.

We hope that you will both enjoy our site and learn from our experiences. If you do then Marias' memory will be extended and her work perhaps given the appreciation that she didn't get from the authorities but that she received from 'the punters'.

God Bless you.

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