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These are some pictures from 1975 to 2001.

These are .gif images of about 32k each. .

This photo below is Maria with one of her classic cheeky looks. Maria was always full of fum and warmth.

Maria with one of her cheeky poses

This next photo shows Maria again with her warmth and happiness clearly showing!

This photograph shows Maria holding baby Ashley just after Ashley had been born. Maria was friends with young Jackie who had stayed with Maria for a short time.

We spent many short holidays at the Dalmeny Hotel in St Annes - this shot shows Maria with young Mark. Yet again Maria shows her infectious smile and blue eyes!

Maria Strachan's Photo Album

1975 to 2001

There are a number of pages of photographs linked from this page. This is an initial build album covering the period from 1975 to 2001, predominantly of Maria with our family.

We will re-organise it as a second stage.

The photo below was taken with Maria sitting with Andrea and Lucy beside Mary Hunter who was our neighbour across the landing in the days when the toilet was on the landing one flight of stairs down and shared with Mary. Mary was single for her whole life and had been deaf for much of it.

Maria & the girls with Mary Hunter

The next photo below is a nice one of Maria to the right; her mum Margaret in the centre and Maria's sister Elaine on the left. Her cousin Elizabeth is at the back. Lot's of nice smiles!

Maria with sister Elaine and mum, with cousin Elizabeth behind

This photo is another of Maria with friends Ian & Sandra

Maria with Ian  (Ians work colleague)& Sandra

This next shot was taken whilst on holiday in the Vendee, France in 1985


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