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Maria Margaret Strachan - Links

We include links here to sites which we either have had a direct input to, or where Maria or Ian have had some involvement with, or sites where we or our family have found as useful. We are well aware of the security issues around trying to reccomend or validate web-sites and having been the recipients of web-viruses in the past must advise you that any site we try to link with was checked at the time of linking as being reasonable at suitable for children or vulnerable people. if at any time you find one of our links not of a reasonable and acceptable standard then please let our webmaster know immediately.

Sisters of St Joseph in Australia in relation to St Mary MacKillop

Mary MacKillop info on parents in Scotland

Information on Silverwells House

Information on Maria's own Scottish Menus

Information on Bothwell

Information on staying in Glasgow & Scotland

Wee Ian's web site

Mark-Leo's web site

Andrea's web site

Lucy's web site

The Carty Family information web site


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