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Going out together was something to look forward to for Maria & Ian. There are a few occasions when we were out which we have managed to capture the date and detail and others where the memory is more private.

One occasion which we enjoyed was the Burns Supper that Ian and his team arranged for the General Manager of Royal Mail in Scotland. The event was held on 5 February 1993 at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. A grand affair with hundreds of guests and loads of wine. The following Friday saw Maria & Ian up in Inverness for a dinner. Busy time!

Another memorable occasion was when Ian and his colleague at Royal Mail, Keith, arranged for the viewing public to vote by post to choose their favourite TV stars as part of the National TV Awards. The voting idea was one of Ians and Keith had the operational background to make it work. The idea was put into practice. The reward was to attend the Awards ceremony - Keith and his wife with Ian & Maria. The ceremony was held a few months after Ian had suffered serious damage to his lower spine. Not to be deterred, Ian travelled to London with Maria. Maria lovingly looking after Ian as he was almost out of his head on very strong pain-killing drugs to allow him to walk with help. The after-awards drinks bash allowed us to meet with many of the stars - Maria recognised them all!


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