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{What was the real cause of Maria's death? Who were the people involved who could be involved in manslaughter if not murder? And how many people have died as a result of these peoples actions?}

Feature Story ~ Murder, Manslaughter or worse?

Maria's death at the age of 49 was premature. The background to her death and the real cause and reasons for death can only be known to those who were close to her. Others will merely cover it up because they have much to hide. They know that she was murdered. She was murdered by the same people and organisation guilty of murdering at least 6 other people and perhaps many more. Want to find out names or details then read on but be sure that it is not easy reading. This could be one of the worst mass murder stories in living memory and the worst institutional-caused loss of life that has ever gone unpunished. Unpunished that is at the current time of writing in 2002. We want to make sure that these people don't get away with it. And the names of these people? Read on.

In 2002 this is my (Ian) objective to publish the truth about the deceit, lies, harassment and tragedy that has led to Maria's death. I regret not being able to successfully make public the horrendous catalogue of events before Maria died but I know that God wants me to share and make public the circumstances around Maria's death and the death of other very good people who have been persecuted in this so-called modern age. God willing I will live long enough to be able to recount this adequately. I doubt if the bitter wounds inflicted can ever be healed for those who experienced it. For some it's too late. For Maria it is too late. Others that are left are living a nightmare.

Our story is complex - not straightforward nor simple to understand. But our story highlights many inadequacies in the Scottish legal system; and Scottish Law. The detail of our case is far too much to cover in our web-site given existing technology, but we will summarise as far as possible to give some balanced recount of the loss of Marias life and the loss of life of others needlessly.... at the 'hands' of social services. As we all know, in the UK, government officials or civil servants are basically untouchable when being asked to be accountable - they are able to hide behind the 'institution'. The law gives them this special and unique protection.

The background to our work in Drumpark Cottage is briefly detailed on other pages in this site. We accepted homeless people into our home because we knew that they were unwanted and unloved. We accepted people very much on trust although, too often, some would take advantage of our acceptance and steal money or possessions from us. Perhaps funnily enough to others, Maria & Ian were not too upset about this - we chose to share our home and if we had left something of value accessible then it was our fault rather than the person who took advantage and stole/borrowed the items/money/etc. We accepted them as extended family and treated everyone with respect unless this was returned with a dis-respect consistently in which case it was healthier for everyone if the person involved arranged to move on. We only and rarely asked people to move elsewhere if there were really very significant problems.

In the late 80's we were encouraged by Social Services staff to change Drumpark from our own family home to a residential care home for homeless people who may have mental health problems. "It would give us more money to be able to employ staff to help out" was the main encouragement. Up to then we charged £70 a week full board - equivalent to £10 a day full board inclusive of laundry. As people had little left from their social security benefit, we chose to give them back £7 a week if they didn't take lunch. Needless to say we didn't make money but then we never undertook this with a view to make money or profit.

By 1990 we had 13 people living in the house and our own family were reduced to living in one front room - our bedroom and living room.... Maria & Ian + Andrea, Lucy. Ian and Mark. This situation was not workable so Andrea and Lucy went down to share a bedroom in Grandpa Strachans house in nearby Uddingston.

Transforming Drumpark into a fully registered care home was a costly and lengthy process. Negotiations with Fiona who was the Social Work Registration Officer took months - the work took months - no funds or grants were forthcoming from anywhere and discussions to obtain a commercial loan from a bank were difficult as no one else in Scotland was running a Care Home for adults with mental health problems in the private sector. And there in lay a significant problem which was to raise its head repeatedly; and interestingly has raised its head very significantly in Scotland and with Scottish based private care homes through 2001 and now in 2002. Scottish Care Homes in January 2002 gave notice to the Scottish executive that they could not take any more admissions to their Homes as it was uneconomic - the exact argument that we fought with North Lanarkshire Council - although at that time the other Home owners and the FSB didn't see the problem.

During this time Maria worked exceptionally hard looking after the family and looking after the dozen or so folk also staying in Drumpark - many of whom had challenging behaviour beyond most peoples expereinces. Maria managed well.

At this time, Ian worked for Royal Mail in a particularly well paid job and this helped to subsidise the care effort we provided - not that it was ever appreciated by Social Services.

Its about not giving up.

These people need to be named.

These people cannot get away with what they have done.

You want their names - difficult because they hide behing the 'institution'

From North Lanarkshire Council Social Work dept we can name

  1. A senior person - hard faced and wholly involved when supposedly acting at arms length from the Inspection Unit, but interpreted any government instruction to her own benefit- possibly greed or jealously? who knows? But prime suspect! Hated the private sector. Has an unhealthy disregard for everyone and a vindictive aim of closing down the private sector. Is she really fit to be working in the care sector with such an attitude? Responsible for planning at the time, is she responsible for the current debacle where private homes offering care for the elderly are threatening to close their homes? The same fight that we had with the same bold Person back in 1995-6!
  2. Another Senior Person (Starsky let's call him)- charming Head of Inspection who reported to A senior person and who happily got involved with individual care plans when guidelines were that he shouldn't. Charming unless you crossed him that is. He would or should have been in Starsky n Hutch or equal police fantasy because he thought he was able to investigate anything - often driving into Drumpark's driveway at speed followed closely by his brainless assistant Hutch who lives in Bothwell and pretends to have the best interests of the public at heart despite us having knowledge of his 'straying sex urges'. Responsible for making 120 un-announced visits to Drumpark in less than a year... unknown in British Social Work history and undoubtedly the harassment that led to Maria's untimely and early death.
  3. Hutch - glorified nurse with piercing eyes and an eye for the girls - ?appropriate for someone involved in maintaining standards given to vulnerable people. Ask dear 'A senior person' about him and 'Starsky' and perhaps a different view will be given for whatever reason - make your own conclusion. Possible links to another glorified nurse who attempted to buy Drumpark at a low price after it closed and was a close friend and confident of 'fat B' who was too lazy too clean and complained to Starsky about her onerous duties.
  4. Director of Social Work - what's his name? A puppet in the most classic case and should have been at the Pavilion - didn't even read his officers reports as he signed umpteen page documents within minutes of receiving them.
  5. Labour Councillors - as the Advocate said he doubted if they could read joined up writing... "Just give me an aipple for lunch" said the Chairman of the Social Work Committee at one of the many days wasted when we appealed against their false allegations. Funny how in a 'democratic society' the people firing the bullets are also police, judge, jury, and prosecution.
  6. Interestingly again whilst Starsky & Hutch were spending much of their time and overtime visiting Drumpark in excess of 120 times in 12 months, they were also harassing Drumpellier Lodge - an elderly care home owned by the Nalliahs and managed by Mrs Nalliah. I would not like to think that there was any prejudice shown by the good Starsky but then I know that institutional racism is rampant in the health services in the area - he showed more prejudice than Mugabe shows to white farmers in Uganda.
  7. Fat B and friends - an unholy alliance of friends who are lazy and do nothing for looking after people. Dear FB was undoubtedly at fault when her views were expressed to the bold tarsky about John Mulveys care plan and was against Marias better and valued judgement which was supported by health care staff... A Senior Person, Starsky and dear FB changed Johns care plan which directly led to his untimely death at the age of 42- and a 'wee' big cover up by 'A Senior Person' and her entourage. Maria lost a good friend and Ian lost one of his best friends. We will never lose our memory of John however.
  8. Staff who are liers and perhaps think they are accomplished liers. They fled when they learnt that Maria & Ian were going to be given copies of their supposed statements to the good 'Starsky'. Maria, Ian and family know the truth. We feel for Ann Sinclair who tried to tell the truth and was victimised by A N Other - deputy manager who told lies for her own ends whatever they were.
  9. Emergency Manager who was invited by Ian to manage Drumpark (this on legal advice from Clairmonts in Glasgow who acted on behalf of the FSB legal helpline - Clairmonts no longer act for FSB nor have they for a couple of years - no further comment) whilst the legal problem was sorted and unfortunately fell into Starskys spell as he did with her. He would play along with anyone who he thought might give him information. After 120+ visits he still could not find information to support false allegation against Maria. Harrassment to this level would contravene basic human rights in just about any other semi-civilised country.
  10. Case lost as Clairmonts had not for whatever reason (theirs) been able to cover the full spread of this complicated case and we feel may have given us inadequate advice coupled with inadequate record keeping and of course in Scotland one cannot challenge the legal profession. Maybe this should change..... I'll be dead by then!
  11. Heard from Mrs Nalliahs nephew that she died 6 months after standing down as manager following the harassment from 'A Senior Persons' team. People need to understand the extreme pressure that is brought on staff and people by this style of regime in Social Work.
  12. We have knowledge of other case history which underpins our belief of gross harassment and the results of that.

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