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My favourite sports and teams.

Maria Margaret Strachan My Favourite Team

Undoubtedly Maria's favourite team is her family. Maria spent much of her time as lots of parents do, running back and forward on the 'school run'; the 'dancing class run'; the 'singing lessons run'; and the 'piano lessons run'... and even the 'elocution class run'. Maria is as devoted a mum and a wife as you could ever imagine - she is wholly unselfish and very fair-minded. She would rarely take sides but offer her own coaching tips and managerial advice to any situation that required help.

Maria accepted Ians & Marks support for Celtic Football Club and always ensured that the said football strips were bought in due time for birthdays or as needed.

Maria and Ian used to play Badminton together - Ian enjoyed this as Maria was particularly beautiful in short skirts - after all we used to go out together in Glasgow with Maria sporting her favourite red high heel shoes and mini-skirts of the early 70's. We also played squash although it was a bit more energetic and physical. Ian had played lawn tennis whilst a teenager in Wallasey but this was a new far more enjoyable sport!

Maria took the kids to the well-known ski slopes of Glasgow - the artificial slope in Bellahouston Park. She enjoyed this although she didn't (as far as I know) get to practice on real slopes.

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